Friday Favorites!

In the spirit of Oprah, I give you a taste of My Favorite Things! (cue confetti falling and jingles belling with uproarious applause and cheers).

So this is one of those things that’s been tumbling around in my head for awhile now. This is my first attempt at a Friday Favorite post. I hope to do more. Maybe that’ll be my New Year’s Resolution. Enjoy!

1. Baggage Handler

A little product from Bliss. Eye gel that helps minimize the bags. You know, the one’s under your eyes. Anyway… It’s 0.5 fluid ounces of pure magic and worth every penny. ($28 at Sephora)

I’m out. And I can tell. I’m using cheap drug store stuff. Not the same. And I look tired.

I told my friend about it and she said, “you know, Preparation H does the same thing,” to which I replied, “yes, but this product is designed for eyes, not anuses.”

Moving on…

2. A sleeping baby.

So peaceful. So quiet. So able to get things done. 🙂

3. Baby kisses.

E started giving these cute open-mouth baby kisses. Makes a mommy swoon.

4. My Dyson Ball Animal

It’s not just a vacuum cleaner. It’s a Dyson. Lightweight. Portable. Powerful. Perfection.

Also worth every penny. Is it possible to love a cleaning product?

If I was Oprah, I’d totally give you one.

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