Gratitude Journal

Thursday, October 21, 2010 — So yesterday in my Ladies Small Group, the topic of discussion was happiness. One suggestion our book made was to keep a gratitude journal. Our leader made us little purse-size “journals” using blank printer paper and staples and challenged us to write in it daily. I’ve decided that it’s not only a GREAT idea, but I thought it would be a cool thing to do on my blog. So for the next week, I will be using this post to list the things for which I’m grateful.

Day 1

Air conditioning. Seriously. Even though it’s fall in the rest of the country, temps neared 90 and I don’t do heat well. Especially with MS.

My husband’s new job. He is in such a better place now and I’m even more convinced that it’s exactly where God wants him to be.

My healthy little boy who smiles when he sees me. He brightens my day, even when he’s screaming. I love being his mommy. Such a joy!

My mom. I love that I can call and tell her all about my day or vent frustrations and know I’ll hear the truth from her no matter what. Like when I’m being bratty or judgmental about someone or something. She also knows how to calm me down and speak encouragement to me when I need it most. She’s such a good friend. I love her & don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t call her just to chat.

Indoor plumbing. No, seriously.

God’s provision – I’ve got food in my fridge, a stocked pantry, a warm bed and a roof over my head.

Day 2

What a beautiful day! The breeze is blowing and the leaves are falling. I love this time of year.

Getting to sleep in. Marcus came home about 8:30 and Eli and I were in my bed sleeping. Well, I was sleeping and Eli was playing according to Marcus. He took him out and let me sleep a little longer while he played with Eli and made breakfast. Not sure how he did both. Don’t really care. Fact is, I got a yummy hot breakfast with a hot cup o’ joe and by the time I got up, E was already back down for a little nap. 🙂

Lunch with friends. 🙂

Dump cake. yum! I got a wild hair and made one last night, only this time instead of using peaches, I used cherries and pineapple. Easy and oh so delicious!

Day 3

NAPTIME!!! E’s not mine. Although, I could stand to get some more shut-eye.

Digital cameras – for the hundreds of pictures I’ve been able to take since Eli’s birth showing what a big boy he’s becoming.

Another beautiful day. Warm, bright and sunny. 🙂

Marcus’ new schedule – he’s off for Thanksgiving!!!

Day 4


My church.


Day 5

I love my small group(s). They are a place where I can be authentic.  Just be myself without feeling judged.  I love that.

Pumpkin patches! We took Eli out to the pumpkin patch today and had such fun taking pictures. It was so neat to watch him explore the landscape around him. It was super windy and E was ready for a nap, but we got some good pictures in spite of those factors.

Day 6

God’s beautiful provision. We were short for a bill this month and God provided exactly what we needed through the kindness of a new friend. Completely unexpectedly and unsolicited. He just put us on her heart this week and that’s what she felt led to do. Wow. It made me weep – both at her generosity and God’s amazing grace. It’s a great reminder that He really is in control and will take care of us. Completely.

Day 7

Air conditioning. Again. Seriously. Record highs well beyond 90 degrees today. Did I mention I don’t do heat well?

I would be remiss if I ended this journal without a shout-out to my family. (Yeah, I did. I just said “shout-out”. Anyway…) Both Marcus’ and mine have been so gracious and helpful to us during our time of need. God has provided for us in many ways through them. I’m so thankful for their willingness to help, no matter the cost.

I want to thank my Heavenly Father for His immense, immeasurable love for us. For without Him, I am NOTHING. I thank God for His sacrifice on the cross so that I might experience Grace so amazing. Love never failing. Life everlasting.

Finally, I am grateful for my husband. The love of my life. The sugar to my kool-aid, the peas to my carrots, the ham to my burger, the…well, I think you get it. Life just wouldn’t be the same without him and it’s sooooooooo much better with him.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 — Today was small group and I didn’t get to go because I subbed half the day for a friend. I would much rather have gone to group to hear what the other ladies had to say in their gratitude journals. But God gave me the opportunity to work a few hours today, so I took it. I’m looking forward to next week. Every time I miss group, I feel like the rest of my week is just off. I enjoy the fellowship, the commiserating, the sharing of burdens, the encouragement and the laughter with friends. We are not alone in this life. We are all in this together. I’m glad I have finally found a place where I feel like I belong. As difficult as these times are for us financially, I am definitely richly blessed.

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3 Responses to Gratitude Journal

  1. abismom04 says:


    I love that you took the gratitude journal to the next level!!! What a lot to be gratitudifull for!!! 😉

    On my list were things like:

    balloons filled with salt
    coke zero
    wise counsel
    Kroger cards
    lil’ gerber yogurt melts
    sidewalk chalk
    the microwave

    Not very deep – but these are the things that often make my life easier!

    We missed you at group, too. The things you said about our group just made my heart happy – from the very beginning my goal with a ladies group was a safe place, where people could be who they are, and of course, the food. There had to be food. (sung to the tune of “it had to be you”)

  2. finneyfer says:

    You just reminded me — I should have had coffee and cream on my list. I don’t go a day without it!

  3. abismom04 says:

    It was that kind of week for me – the little things added up – and yet, I still can’t find Dek’s vaccination paperwork – even though earlier I was thankful for folders for organization and so now he can’t start Pre-K until Tuesday rather than tomorrow!!!

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