Dump Cake?

UPDATE: It was really yummy and a smash! Here’s proof…

After small group. :)

I think next time I’ll add another can or two of peaches to make it more, um, peachy. 🙂


Original Post:

My momma always said, “don’t try a new recipe out on company.”  Well, I apologize in advance to my small group because you are my guinea pigs tonight. This morning, I made a dump cake for dessert. Or at least my version of a dump cake.  Don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it sounds. It’s basically like a fruit cobbler. A yummy, ooey, gooey, easy fruit cobbler.  The crazy thing is, I’ve never made it before. Which is why you are my guinea pigs.

So I found a recipe online, by The Pioneer Woman herself, and along with some notes from a friend, and a comment on the recipe at the PW blog, I threw something together. Er, dumped something together. Anyway…

So PW calls for combining cherry pie filling and crushed pineapple, then sprinkling dry yellow cake mix on top. Top that with 1/2 stick of butter and 1 stick of margarine. Throw it in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes and voila! Dump cake.

Here’s why I’m worried. Given our current financial situation, I wanted to use ingredients I had on hand, so here you go. The only thing I bought was the box of cake mix for .99 at Target. I didn’t have cherry pie filling, or crushed pineapple, so instead I used 2 cans of peaches and I added some bits of cream cheese and brown sugar on top, too. It looks good, and smells good, but I’m afraid it’s gonna just be a big undercooked mess of greasy, powdery cake mix and hard gloppy cream cheese with some peaches underneath. At least there’s butter. Everything is better with butter. 🙂

I am dying to try some, but I don’t want to show up with half-eaten dessert.  Oh well! Guess we’ll see tonight! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Happy trails!

Just inserted into the oven.

Doesn't it look yummy?

The finished product. Mmmm... looks good!

After small group. 🙂

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One Response to Dump Cake?

  1. Carol Selby says:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures but I don’t know about igoring momma’s advice!!! Seriously, it looks good and probably is. Will look forward to an update.

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