Waddling with a limp.

So today was a bit more productive than yesterday, even though my hip is now making it excruciatingly difficult to walk around the house, and that’s with Vicoden (sp?) on board. It hurts so bad, that I went to CVS this afternoon to buy a walking cane and some epsom salt.  So it’s not the coolest looking thing in the world, but it works for now.

My new mobility assistant, aka the one I "settled" for. 🙂

You should have seen me waddling with a limp around the store, hanging on the shopping cart and using the cane to get around. It was quite a site, I’m sure. Of course, I went ahead and picked up some milk since a trip to Walmart is now clearly out of the question.

Before I left, I looked up canes online and saw the prettiest pink cane with rhinestones and my girly-girl came out. I want that one!  But, it would have to be ordered and would not solve my immediate problem, so I settled for the blue one that was half the price and gave me the option of using it now, when I actually need it.  If my MS should ever make it necessary for me to use a cane, why not get a cutesy, girly, pink one with a bit of bling!

Cute pink cane with rhinestones, the one I'll get when I have to use a cane all the time.

Tonight I’ll take a warm, salty, soaky bath and tomorrow morning I’ll battle traffic on the way to Pearland for a much needed, albeit early, massage.  Mmmmmm, I can’t wait!

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